Adult Hockey


PRACTICE AND PLAY – Class will resume March 2018

These 8 week classes are held on Monday evenings and teaches the basic fundamentals of hockey. Full equipment and basic skating skills are required.


Ages 16+ and Half Shield or Full Cage REQUIRED

Skaters must provide their own pucks

Morning sessions are from 6:30am-8:20am on Tuesday & Friday mornings.

Lunchtime session runs from 11:30am-1:20pm on Friday afternoons.

CLICK HERE to view DECEMBER 1 – DECEMBER 16 weekend pick up schedule

CLICK HERE to view WINTER BREAK (Dec. 22 – Jan. 1) Pick up schedule

$10 per person for morning/lunchtime sessions

$15 per person for weekend/evening sessions

ADULT SKILLS ICE TIME – December Schedule

Friday, Dec. 15th (1:30pm-3:20pm)
Saturday, Dec. 23rd (2pm-3:50pm)
Sunday, Dec. 24th (2:30pm-4:20pm)
Saturday, Dec. 30th (5pm-6:50pm)

$10 per person

Adult Skills Ice Time is geared to allow players 16+ to work on skating, shooting, passing and stick handling at their own pace. NO pickup games will take place during this time.

** Helmet with visor or cage, gloves, shin pads and elbow pads required! **


ADG is open to adults who want to get some more ice time in a game like setting.  ADG plays once a week and days/times vary depending on the season. This is a slower pace game and is not intended for hot dogs! You MUST PRE-REGISTER with David Teas to get on the list to play – contact David at Cost is $20 per player and $10 per goalie. The first 20 skaters and 2 goalies that pre-register with David play.


RBS is open to adult players age 50 or over.  RBS skates once a week and days/times vary depending on the season.  You MUST PRE-REGISTER with Jerry Folk to get on the list to play – contact Jerry at  Cost is $20 per player.  The first 24 skaters and 2 goalies that pre-register with Jerry play.


April 27-29, 2018 Women’s / Over 40 / “C” Open & “A/B” Open Division

6 Teams Max per Division

More Info to Come


Three seasons a year. Twelve weeks each. Our adult leagues (18 and over) offer varying tiers of competition and are sanctioned by USA Hockey. The Following links will provide you with information regarding any questions about USA Hockey membership and also the benefits that you receive from USA Hockey. We have “C” and “D” leagues on Sundays, “A/B” league on Tuesdays, “Over 35” league on Wednesdays and “Over 30 A” on Thursdays. Teams assemble their own rosters for the “C”,”D” and “B” leagues. The ”Over 35 and Over 30 A” leagues are draft leagues. All players must register with USA Hockey. Seasons run from September to December, January to April and May to August.

– A/B League Draft. Highest level. This player is 18 yrs of age and older and highly skilled. This player has played College Club, Junior A or B, NCAA College D1 or D3, or is a former Pro. Or is currently playing or has played in an A or B Division League. Primarily Tuesday nights.

-C1 and C2 League – Recreational to Intermediate level. This player is 18 yrs of age and older. This player has played High School, or a lower level of travel youth hockey. Or is currently playing or has played in a C Division League. Primarily Sunday nights.

-D Open League – Less Experienced Recreational player to Beginner. This player may have played some lower level youth hockey several years ago or has just taken the sport up recently. Or is currently playing in a D Division League. Primarily Sunday nights.

-Over 35 DRAFT League – Must be Over the age of 35. Players in this league range in skill and experience. Players are rated and teams are evenly made based on player ratings. Primarily Thursday nights.

C1 league teams are allowed 3 B rated players. And D league is only for the D league no C level players are allowed to play in the D. Also anyone playing in the “A” league they can only play in the C1 or Over 35 if of age as a secondary league.

2018 Winter Season will run….

Over 35 Thursday starting January 18th

C1, C2 & D Sunday starting January 7th

A/B League Tuesday starting January 23rd

$3100 if paid in full before game one for “D” and “C” leagues… Or $3400 if payments are made by week 6.

$285 per player if paid in full before first game for the “Over” draft leagues… Or $335 if making payments by game 6.

Payment Schedule

CLICK HERE to make Hockey Payment

Online Registration will open on January 1st